12CU2 - About DMCA image reports

What is DMCA

DMCA stands for Digital Milenium Copyright Act. For our "12CU2" livecamsite this means that if the content / subject in a cam picture on our website is you, you can make a official DMCA takedown request. Webcam images on our webcamsite are retained 7 to 30 days and then removed permanently. If you dont want to be displayed on cam sites like 12CU2 ask the website you are working for to exclude your cam pictures and profile from any publicity tools, or stop working as a entertainer !

Why is my photograph here ?

Your webcam image is displayed at 12CU2 because we are promoting your chatroom, sending you possible customers, and more income! We do not welcome your automated DMCA takedown notices, these are damaging our adult cam site and our business. If you do not work for a videochatsite anymore your photo will be automatically deleted!

12CU2 - DMCA Reports

Not seldom we get DMCA notifications to delete webcamartist webcam photos from our website. Performers are applying cybernated programs to detect any webcam photos containing their performer name and DMCA reports are send out to any webmasters using these pictures. 12CU2 is created with a set of cam models from adult webcam sites. Our livecamsite is frequently renewed with information and photos from adult videochat sites, this information and pictures are offered as advertising tools. This means that all photos advertised on this adult cam site are lawful, webcam models already gave consent to exhibit their webcam pics as advertising tools to the administrator of the main website. All webcam images on our camsite are cleaned up automatically after 7-30 days, depending on the settings, if the cam model does not use the MAIN live cam site anymore, their webcam photos will not be advertised again. If the webcam entertainer only wants to be displayed on the partner adult cam site, they should get in touch with the contact person of the primary adult cam site to be removed from any displaying tools! Our site "12CU2" is 100% compliant with any regulations like ip address and country filtering.